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As Busy Bees of the Amazon industry, we want to ensure maximum success for our customers on Amazon every day. As the most important e-commerce marketplace with a 50% market share in German online trade, a promising Amazon strategy is indispensable for any online retailer. Our declared goal is to penetrate this fast-paced and constantly adapting environment and make it transparent for our customers.


What sets us apart?

what sets us apart?

We are a fast growing and innovative internationally oriented agency for Amazon Marketing. Our young and dynamic team works daily with our customers to develop an optimal and future-oriented marketplace strategy. Through constant observation of all markets relevant to us, our own software solutions and analysis processes and the combination of creative and convincing content, we create the best possible support. In doing so, we respond to the specific needs of our customers and attach great importance to a trusting and long-term cooperation.



Meet the team


Javier Almeida
Meet the team


Already during his International Management/ Foreign Trade studies, Javier felt the urge to put his newly acquired knowledge into practice. In the fifth semester of his studies, he founded his first company and imported products from South-East Asia. He built up various brands and online stores and quickly found himself in the world of online marketing. Javier was hooked, he was on fire for e-commerce. He recognized the great potential of Amazon early on and started as a private label seller in 2016, then he joined one of the leading Amazon agencies in the field of data-driven advertising and founded the full service agency AdHoney with his business partner. 

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Pascal Uebachs
Meet the team

about PASCAL

With many years of experience in digital marketing and strategy, Pascal moved to e-commerce in 2017. The growing importance of Amazon, the converging advertising formats and impressions of a trip to the USA finally led to the founding of his own agency. Especially the combination of external advertising channels as an extension of a classic Amazon advertising strategy drives him on a daily basis. As a studied economist, freedom instructor and father, Pascal brings in a lot of calmness and strategic orientation.   

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Anna Radenberg
Meet the team

about anna

If you want more visibility for your Amazon products, you've come to the right place. Anna helps you to be found better online and turns relevant keywords into appealing sales texts! After completing her apprenticeship as an advertising merchant in Münster, Anna developed a love for digital marketing & content and joined our team. As the creative head of the agency she always brings in fresh ideas and is the good soul of AdHoney.      

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Merve Kayar
Meet the team

about merve

The Future Is Female. After her International Management/Foreign Trade studies, Merve went abroad for a few years to work. In England, Spain and Turkey, she supported brands and suppliers in the implementation of e-commerce marketplaces into a strategic overall concept. Otto, Zalando, About You, Galeria Kaufhofand many more, as a freelance Marketplace Consultant Merve knows them all and knows which steps are relevant for a fast and smooth onboarding. We highly appreciate Merve's external consulting services and look forward to further exciting joint projects.        

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Meet the team

ABOUT Stefan

Stefan is our in-house graphic designer and the creative head of the team. He is not only strong in front of the Mac, but also behind the camera. As an all-rounder, he designs outstanding product images, meaningful A+ Content, as well as Brandstores that make the competition look old. For Stefan it is important that the product detail page fits the CI of the company and stands out. He loves to travel apart from mass tourism, only packed with his backpack and his Canon EOS 90D away through exotic countries, one of his favorites - Sri Lanka.

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Falk Martens
Meet the team

abouT  Falk

After his business studies, Falk flew to Australia and crossed the outback with his van. Between red dirt and kangaroos, he interestingly decided to fly to South East Asia, where he discovered his passion for surfing. Since then, he spends most of his vacations on the southern beaches of Bali. At AdHoney Christian is responsible for campaigns on and off Amazon. He's a big fan of SB-Video Ads and is excited to see how PPC will evolve in the near future.

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