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What is external trafic boost?

The competitive pressure on Amazon has increased extremely in recent years, many foreign sellers have recognized the enormous potential of the German Amazon marketplace and have positioned themselves successfully. With increasing competition, PPC prices are rising and cutting margin.

External traffic sources are important channels outside Amazon. By segmenting and targeting users on channels such as Facebook, Google, TikTok etc. we direct customers with the intention to buy (warm traffic) to Amazon. By interposing landing pages and chat bots we improve conversion rates and push relevant keywords.

Through external traffic, Amazon's A9 algorithm recognizes the relevance of your product and gives it priority. Another advantage of external traffic is the creation of a customer list that can be accessed during product launches and the generation of ratings.


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instagram ADS

swipe up for conversation

Instagram, the network of images and inspiration with more than a billion daily users, offers companies ever new forms of display and advertising. The targeting possibilities on Instagram are quite similar to Facebook. The trend, especially among young people, is clear: more Insta, less Facebook. This should be kept in mind when choosing the right advertising platform and strategy.

what are the bonuses?

>20 million active users monthly in Germany            
80% of all users follow at least 1 company
70% of all users are between 28-34 years old nth - an average interaction



Facebook, the social network with more than 2.23 billion active users per month, offers you like no other platform the possibility to target ads to such specific characteristics. Through comprehensive targeting and variable budget strategies, you have numerous design options at every step of the advertising process and can thus present your product precisely to potential customers.        

what are the bonuses?

>27 million active users daily in Germany
No. 1 visited website worldwide
12 ads per user per month - an average interaction


the bots are coming

Test our chatbot explaining sequence:

Test Chatbot

Chat bots are programmed dialogue systems that communicate with customers independently, answer questions, make recommendations and perform certain tasks. In Germany, they tend to be under the radar, but in the USA they are considered the secret weapon of successful sellers. Therefore, we have specialized in the programming of Facebook Messanger Bots especially for Amazon sellers and vendors.

what are the bonuses?

88% Opening Rate
51% click rate
51% click rate


not dead yet

Email marketing is still one of the most important marketing tools of any Amazon seller. There is hardly any other channel where you can reach your target group so cost-efficiently, retain customers for the long term and build up an independent customer list. By sending out newsletters, e-books and voucher codes, you can stay in touch with your customers and engage in new product launches.

what are the bonuses?

54% opening rate
82% use e-mail marketing in B2C
54% of all mails are opened mobile

tik tok ADS

reach generation z

With more than 0.5 billion downloads worldwide, the video platform is extremely popular, especially among young people. Even if currently, the advertising of products is primarily interesting for large brands. Will TikTok in the near future also be exciting for small and medium Amazon sellers. Especially consumer electronics, products from the fitness and food industry as well as fashion and beauty themes are very trendy.

what are the bonuses?

7.3 million users in Germany
3rd most downloaded social media app 2019
Available in 154 countries and 75 languages

influencer marketing

follow the leader

Influencer marketing is an ideal channel to push brand awareness and brand building. In addition to large influencers, micro-influencers with followers in the 5-6 digit range are a cost-effective alternative. A further asset, influencer image material can be used for your own Amazon listings or other advertising campaigns by arrangement. The generation of ratings can also be stimulated by Influencer.

what are the bonuses?

Perfectly fitting advertising
High customer trust
Enormous range